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Using Data

Maximizing Your Online Assets for Higher Marketing ROI

In the realm of addiction treatment, competition for the same audience is intense, particularly with shifting insurance coverage across states. As this competition escalates, the demand for increased marketing budgets rises. However, certain treatment centers possess a distinct advantage over the majority—specifically, multi-location facilities and comprehensive 'info sites'.


What is an Informational Website?


An information website serves as a valuable resource by providing free detailed information or assessments on specific topics, one of which is addiction treatment.


A notable instance of such a platform is, a part of Sober Media Group, LLC, which falls under the ownership of its parent company, AAC Holdings, Inc. (AAC).

These websites are instrumental in offering not only comprehensive information but also frequently enabling visitors to make direct phone calls for further assistance. These calls are usually routed to the treatment entity responsible for managing the site. This service aims to make the process of seeking help and information as seamless and accessible as possible for individuals looking for support in their recovery journey.

Utilizing an Informational Website

If you're fortunate to have one or more websites attracting traffic related to treatment, you're in a powerful position compared to others nationwide. Why? Data. You possess insights into visitors and their needs. By integrating into Prosperity's Addiction Marketing Universe, we can target these visitors from your informational site with display, TV, and social ads specifically tailored for your recovery center.

Case in Point of Informational Website Leverage

Let's consider Jim S. He discovers that his son is using OxyContin, so he seeks help and lands on your brand's owned informational website. After gathering information, he exits the site to continue his search for centers or more details. Traditionally, based on the methods of most centers, Jim would become a lost prospect at this stage. He'd likely search 'rehab near me' on Google and lose touch with the brand. But with our technology, we can continue targeting Jim as he searches.


Here's what unfolds next:

  1. He logs into Facebook and encounters a video introducing your treatment center specifically designed for OxyContin addiction.

  2. While streaming SportsCenter on his computer or TV, a 30-second advertisement showcasing your center comes up.

  3. While checking his stocks on Yahoo, a display ad promoting your center appears, reintroducing your brand.

All these actions are based on his interactions on the informational site, revealing his quest for assistance. Eliminating the guesswork from advertising strategies.

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What Do Multi-Location Sites Entail?

Multi-location sites represent treatment centers operating in various states, often under distinct names. Acadia Healthcare serves as an exemplary model, with over 500 centers spread across the nation, each bearing different brands and individual websites.

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Maximizing Multi-Location Websites

Treatment brands with centers in various states can optimize each website by tapping into data insights. Presently, these brands allocate funds separately for each location's marketing initiatives—paid search, social media, SEO, etc. When money is spent on directing prospects to a specific location's site, yet those prospects don’t convert, the invested capital goes to waste. This scenario doesn't add value to the overarching brand that oversees all centers.

What's needed is a 'Brand' budget in addition to these location-specific budgets, allowing seamless data flow among sites. This strategy empowers the brand overseeing all locations to utilize this data to target individuals effectively across different brands with distinct messaging. It facilitates the exchange of data between locations, enhancing conversion rates.

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Multi-Location Leveraging in Action

Imagine managing a brand with three treatment centers:


a primary mental health center in California, an addiction treatment center in Arizona, and a dual-diagnosis center in Colorado.

For instance, Jim P. in Colorado discovers his daughter is using alcohol to cope with depression. He searches for depression treatment and encounters your California mental health center, but upon realizing it only offers mental health services, he exits the site. It’s a lost prospect, typically hard to recover without advanced marketing strategies.

With Prosperity’s Multi-Location targeting services, Jim would be exposed to advertisements for your Colorado Center in a strategic sequence:

  1. Display ads highlighting dual diagnosis for depression.

  2. Testimonial videos showcased on platforms like Facebook, CNN, and YouTube.

  3. Targeted TV Ads promoting the benefits of a local dual-diagnosis treatment center in Colorado during his streaming service.

Previously a lost prospect, now, we can tailor messaging based on his interaction. In this instance:

  1. He visited the Mental Health Facility's depression page and departed.

  2. He resides in a state where you operate a dual-diagnosis facility.

This example showcases how brands can enhance intake rates within existing ad spend. This strategy is adaptable for local offerings or specialized facilities. It underscores the potential of using available data to precisely target audiences.


Prosperity’s Addiction Marketing Universe empowers brands with multiple locations or education-based websites to elevate the ROI of their marketing budgets by delivering the right message, to the right individual, at the right moment.

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