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Comprehensive Drug Rehab Staff Training and Development Program

Elevate your drug rehab center with our comprehensive staff training program. Empower your team to deliver exceptional care and support to individuals on their journey to recovery.

Substance Abuse Treatment Staff Training

Elevate Your Admissions with Prosperity’s Call Center Training Excellence. When a leading national treatment provider with an extensive network needed expert Call Center Consulting, they turned to Prosperity and industry veteran Bruce Berman. No matter the size of your facility, Prosperity’s training can significantly boost your intake conversion rates.

With inadequately trained admissions staff, your center could be losing out on the majority of potential clients. Consider the impact: every missed call can mean a significant revenue opportunity for your facility. That’s why you need a team trained by the best, focused on making sure every inquiry is an opportunity captured for your treatment center.

Substance Abuse Treatment Staff Training

There are Rigorous Requirements for Treatment Admissions Calls

Handling calls and chats for treatment center admissions demands extensive training, management, and supervision. Being sober or having a sales background with treatment certifications doesn't automatically qualify someone to handle live treatment calls and chats—there's more to it!

When a potential client represents a value of $25,000 to $75,000 for your treatment center, it's crucial that the person handling that call can effectively close it. This level of competence requires specific training, expert management, and careful supervision.

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Tailored Training Focused on Drug Rehab

Prosperity offers an unparalleled Substance Abuse Treatment Call Center Training Service. When a national treatment provider with over 1,000 beds sought Call Center Consulting, they chose Prosperity and Bruce Berman. Whether you run a 6-bed facility or lead the industry, Prosperity can elevate your conversion rates.

Training Services for Call and Chat Staff


Improperly or undertrained admission call and chat agents miss out on 75% of potential intakes to your competitors. When each call could amount to $75,000 for your treatment center, having the 'best of the best' handling your calls or chats is crucial. You need employees solely dedicated to ensuring EVERY caller reaches your substance abuse treatment center.


Our co-founder, Bruce Berman, has conducted numerous seminars on sales training and sold over 1,000,000 sales and marketing CDs. Since 2014, he has been dedicated exclusively to treatment center admissions. He's developed a specialized training, management, and supervision program specifically for substance abuse treatment centers.

Our training program spans from 14 to 90 days, personalized to suit the unique needs of each treatment center. We meticulously analyze each call, extracting crucial data to enhance conversion rates. Reviewing incoming calls with the staff aids their training and significantly boosts client intake during the training period. Our training investment yields manifold returns through increased admissions.

Tailored Hands-On Training That Yields Results

Our sales training encompasses a thorough review of your existing systems, and if necessary, we provide recommendations. We assess elements like call routing, tracking systems, chat software, advertising approaches, VOB service providers, and operational procedures. Furthermore, we develop custom scripts, establish lead tracking mechanisms, and outline follow-up procedures for your customer service representatives (CSRs).

Feel free to reach out to us and witness firsthand the seriousness with which we approach your concerns.

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