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Customized Call Center Solutions for Addiction Treatment Facilities

Our tailored call center solutions for addiction treatment centers offer round-the-clock support, ensuring seamless communication and assistance for clients seeking help and information.

Dedicated Call center Service for Addiction Treatment Centers    

Our dedicated call center service stands as a pivotal ally for addiction treatment centers aiming to connect with and support individuals on their journey to recovery.


Understanding the critical nature and nuances of addiction recovery, our team is not just equipped with the skills to handle inquiries, but they're also deeply empathetic, offering a compassionate ear to those in need.


This blend of professionalism and understanding ensures that each call is treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity, acknowledging the courage it takes to seek help.

Every Call Answered

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24/7 Customer Service

Appointment Scheduling

Follow-up Calls

Addiction doesn't follow a schedule.

Our team provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Those who want to find help will find support at your center at any hour. 

Our team will tactfully gather any essential information and help assess the caller's Insurance status, making the intake process as smooth as possible. 

Typically it takes over 10 calls to convert a caller into a client - our team will handle follow up calls with sensitivity and care. 

(323) 488-4556

Want to speak with an expert? Call us at: 

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From Initial Call to Sign Up

Saving up to 50% in costs

To boost your closing ratios, a call center system is essential. In the highly competitive and costly realm of addiction marketing, not adopting a strategy like this means risking a loss of 50% or more in admissions.

The True Value of a Call

The staff answering the call has to balance 3 elements: 

  • This call could be a matter of life and death. 

  • The company invested $1,000 to create this call.

  • This call might generate $50,000 to $75,000 in profit. 

Our team understands the responsibility and potential each call carries. They take care of every call and every click with the same rigor. 

Using Phone and Laptop

Right Program for Each Client 

Getting the caller to agree to treatment is only the first step. Patients often travel across the country to their chosen addiction center - we will help support them and their family every step of the way. 

Highest Level of Accuracy and Safety

Prosperity offers a suite of technology solutions to support your rehab facility's call center needs. Our perception-enabled technology ensures that all calls are handled with the highest level of accuracy and safety.

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Human-Centered Approach

We believe in a human-centered approach to technology. Our call center solutions are designed to enable your team to provide the best possible service to your clients.

This means we meticulously analyze every call, chat, and web visitor. The data we collect allows for continuous improvement and potential to reduce marketing costs by 50% or more. 

Keeping Data Secure

We understand the importance of cybersecurity. That's why we have extensive measures in place to protect your facility's data and ensure that your clients' information is stored securely.  

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Contact Us

Please reach out to us to share what your center does and learn how we can collaborate to meet your goals. Together, we can tailor a strategy to enhance your center's outreach and impact.

We're a dedicated team working towards helping more people achieve long-term recovery.

Thank you for getting in touch. A member of our team will review your submission and respond as soon as possible.

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