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Call Center Services for Drug Rehab Centers

Prosperity, addiction marketing specialists, meticulously analyze every interaction. Our data insights cut marketing costs by 50%. Missing calls can be costly; staffing the right responders is crucial. Expert handling of treatment inquiries is essential; not all agents grasp their significance.

100% of Treatment Center Revenue is Crucial. Who Answers Matters, More Than You Imagined!

Prosperity offers an unparalleled Drug Treatment Call Center Service. When a National Treatment Provider with over 1,000 beds sought Call Center Consulting, they turned to us.

Our drug treatment call center service stems from decades of experience. The co-founders of Prosperity have personally handled live treatment calls and facilitated placements in treatment for many years.


Each possesses over 25 years of continuous experience in addiction recovery, a critical factor in their success.

Prosperity handles your calls and chats, runs VOBs, submits clients for approval, and meticulously manages your clients to your doorstep.

As Prosperity experts in addiction marketing, we scrutinize every call, chat, and web visitor. Our expert data analysis can trim 50% or more from your marketing costs.

Advertising and marketing costs range from $1,000 to $10,000 per client. Missing calls could cost your center dearly, and staffing the right people to answer your calls is paramount. Opportunities should not be missed.

There’s more to taking treatment calls than just answering them, which is why you need experts. Few can effectively respond to live treatment inquiries. Agents might not comprehend or value every call, chat, or click.

When Prosperity handles your treatment center inquiries, we tirelessly analyze every detail from that inquiry. We assess call specifics, marketing sources, and the messaging used to generate those calls. We provide reports on what works and, crucially, what methods need improvement.

Whether you're a 6-bed facility or a prominent player in the treatment industry, Prosperity can offer invaluable call center services and consulting.

Matching Clients to Your Treatment Program


Getting a qualified person to agree to treatment is just the start. Ensuring they arrive is another challenge. Be it nearby or across the country, many obstacles can arise. With over 1,000 rescues between them, Bruce and Victoria are seasoned in handling new situations and complex scenarios. Around 75% of the people placed in treatment by Bruce and Victoria traveled by plane, many without valid IDs.

Post-treatment, there’s more to be done.

Their job isn’t finished. While the treatment center focuses on the patient, Bruce and Victoria assist the family.

Treatment isn’t effective if the client leaves against medical advice (AMA). Bruce and Victoria educate the family to anticipate their loved one's inclination to leave early. Equipping the family with the necessary tools to retain their loved one in treatment is vital when handling treatment inquiries.


Treatment Center Intake Caller Closing Procedure

This system is crucial for improving closing ratios. Addiction marketing is highly competitive and costly. Not following a plan like this can result in losing 50% or more of potential admissions.


What Prosperity Calls Are Worth:

Every time an admission staff member answers the phone, they need to consider three immediate things:

This call may involve life or death; I hold someone's life in my hands. This call costs my company $1,000 to generate. This could mean $50,000 to $75,000 in revenue for my company. If you can't entrust your admin team with $150,000 or someone's life, they shouldn't handle live incoming admission calls. This isn't a part-time or distracted job—it's a 24/7 responsibility that should not be taken



With Addiction Marketing Calls, Time is Critical:

If a lead comes from the internet, it's highly likely they'll be contacting numerous other competitors. Immediate responsiveness is crucial; any delay risks losing the opportunity. Calls, emails, and chats must take top priority. Assure potential patients they needn't entertain other offers because you've got their needs covered.

VOB Verification of Benefits and Insurance Expertise: Admins must perform an online VOB while engaging the caller, assuming they have their insurance card. It's about 80% accurate and provides vital information like deductibles, out-of-pocket max, out-of-network benefits, and co-pay percentages.


Understanding the financial aspects helps retain the customer. Admins who grasp the process and financial leeway are better equipped. Meanwhile, the intake department contacts the insurance company for a formal VOB.

Inquiring about insurance details tactfully when the caller lacks their insurance card is vital.


This requires finesse. Hearing about insurance sources like an employer, spouse, or parent indicates a higher-quality lead. Identifying the insurer's name and policy type (PPO or HMO) is the next step.


Building Caller Trust:

Sharing a personal recovery story with the caller fosters trust. Common experiences act as a significant icebreaker. Most callers seek help for a loved one and appreciate hearing successful recovery stories involving significant others. Having personal stories for various situations helps establish trust.


Sharing a client's similar success story, if you've been in recovery work for long, is nearly as effective as a personal story.

Call Center Reps Need Persistence Like a Dedicated Pursuer


Prosperity isn't a swift resolution. It's far more involved. Guiding a client into treatment, especially from a different state, typically requires 10-25 outbound calls and 5 to 50 text messages. Consistent engagement with the client and their family is pivotal. Keep in mind, there are 14,000 other treatment centers vying for your client's attention.

This isn't confined to a 9 to 5 routine:

Half of the potential clients may slip away if the Admin team isn't instantly accessible day and night – seven days a week. Your Admin team must be on standby all seven days to make and receive calls and texts. Whether it's a potential client hesitating, leaving abruptly, falling ill, or reconsidering, readiness is essential. Other challenges may involve relatives stepping back, lack of identification for air travel, missed connections, or requiring a lawyer's letter. The list of potential hurdles goes on and on.


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Please reach out to us to share what your center does and learn how we can collaborate to meet your goals. Together, we can tailor a strategy to enhance your center's outreach and impact.

We take care of the details so you can focus on what matters. 

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