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Site Retargeting for Addiction Treatment Centers

What is Site Retargeting?

Site retargeting involves targeting website visitors who didn’t convert during their visit by displaying relevant ads, ensuring your brand stays prominent and rekindles their interest in your services. In the realm of addiction treatment, major retargeting companies like


Google haven’t traditionally offered site retargeting.


Prosperity has developed a platform and fostered partnerships that empower our clients to leverage this high-return marketing channel effectively.


Who Should Utilize Site Retargeting


For treatment centers drawing organic, paid search, or social traffic to their websites, site retargeting promises exceptional ROI.


Consider a scenario where a client garners just 1,500 monthly site visitors solely through SEO efforts—resulting in a staggering 70% uptick in phone calls and an impressive return on investment exceeding 300%.


If you’re driving traffic to your site and investing in marketing efforts, site retargeting is a valuable tool for you.

What's Included?

Our site retargeting service for addiction centers encompasses all aspects without any concealed setup charges or additional fees for crafting advertisements.

Creative Development

Collaborating directly with you, we identify the necessary creative assets (such as images) and take the lead from there.


Initially, we produce 2-3 creative pieces tailored to cater to the preferences we've identified in the 20-40 day cycle when users want to see specific content.


This content revolves around showcasing your facility, various treatment modalities, and client testimonials.

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Optimization Strategy

Our retargeting team and software diligently monitor and assess the results on a weekly basis. We implement minor adjustments based on the outcomes we achieve for our clients.

For instance, we allocate more budget towards engaging site visitors who exhibit higher value by navigating through critical sections of your website. If someone explores the homepage and essential treatment-related pages, they become a priority target for our retargeting efforts. Our strategy hinges on data-driven decision-making, ensuring enhanced outcomes with an evolving campaign.


Reporting and Analytics

Recognizing the significance of comprehensive reporting, we offer thorough monthly reports. These encompass expenditure details, click and call metrics, and the amplified engagement across other marketing channels attributable to our retargeting efforts. As an added value, if your center presently lacks dynamic number tracking (which identifies the marketing channels generating calls from your website), we can integrate your center into our agency account.


This provides us insights into call performance across channels and grants you visibility into all your active marketing channels.


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Results and Timeline to Success

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Site retargeting is a powerful digital marketing strategy aimed at recapturing the attention of users who have visited your website but left without taking a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.


By displaying targeted ads to these visitors as they browse other parts of the internet, site retargeting seeks to bring them back to your website to complete their initial or related action.


The results of site retargeting can vary based on numerous factors, including the quality of the ads, the relevance of the retargeting to the user's interests, and the overall marketing strategy.


What to Expect?

When it comes to marketing your treatment center, quick fixes are rare. Site retargeting requires time to gather data and for our optimization team to implement changes.


This process typically takes up to 2 months to show tangible results. We encourage clients to allow a 4-month trial period to effectively test the outcomes.


To support this trial, we offer a reduced rate of $5,000/month compared to our standard minimum of $7,500.

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Refuel Your Rehab With Site Retargeting

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