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Radio and TV Advertising

The Drug Rehab Agency's Innovative Approach to Generating Quality Calls

Have you been buying calls for $45-$80 from all the usual suspects? I am also going to guess it didn’t work to well, which is why you are searching for other options. You got a ton of spam, Medicare, Medicaid, no insurance, or wrong number? Yep, we did too.


Over the last 12 months, The Drug Rehab Agency has invested over $20,000 to see the quality of calls people were receiving. We worked with our clients to understand why the calls they were buying we also not providing any promise. The answer? Advertising Fatigue.


Think when you are surfing the internet, on Facebook or Linkedin. There are display ads on the sidebar of every page you are on you, but do you notice them? 97% of people do not notice them. This is the same concept of what has been happening for the last year. The days of a fake doctor in blue scrubs saying “Are you or someone you love addicted….” are over. It clearly doesn’t work. This is why we have created a quality program that will deliver more calls, that you can actually accept.

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Branded TV and Radio

Ditching the generic TV and radio ads that blend in and opting for a high-quality, branded advertisement specific to your center sets you apart from the crowd. Some renowned centers have crafted their own successful TV ads, and we're extending this opportunity to you.

At Prosperity, we bring over 10 years of collective expertise in television and radio advertising. Our proficiency lies in understanding target markets, crafting compelling narratives, and strategically timing the airing of each advertisement type.

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