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Adapting to Change: Navigating New Legislation in Addiction Lead Generation


From Call Purchases to Brand Building

Effective July 1st, 2017, Florida introduced legislation that could potentially deem non-branded phone call purchases for centers illegal.


Although this regulation currently applies solely to Florida, discussions with influential bodies indicate its imminent expansion to Arizona and California.


In essence, your approach to generating leads must shift from purchasing calls to establishing your brand and earning inquiries.


Prosperity's Pay Per Call: A Strategic Approach to Addiction Leads

Amidst this transformation, Prosperity offers an avenue for those interested in acquiring addiction leads through a Pay Per Call framework.


Each call, with a 30-second buffer following an IVR prompt (press one for self or loved one assistance), is available at $60. These calls stem from SEO, Display, and various affiliates.


For those unfamiliar with procuring addiction calls, understanding the verification of benefit rate is crucial. On average, a mere 3% of callers possess Out-of-Network Benefits and express a willingness to pursue treatment. Depending on your admissions team's efficacy in converting these inquiries into patients, the cost per acquisition typically ranges from $2,000 to $6,000 for every 100 calls.

To explore this marketing model further or delve into its intricacies, kindly fill out the form below. Our team will promptly reach out to engage in a discussion.

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Prosperity will not offer lead generation marketing services to any entity, individual, or group that operates on a per placement compensation structure. This practice straddles a legal gray area, and we opt to distance ourselves from such activities.


How to Generate Lead? Brand Introduction

From 2017 onward, centers must adopt a highly targeted approach to their marketing strategies, understanding the intricate stages of the "intake cycle." This cycle is far more involved than a one-time site visit followed by an immediate call, insurance details, and boarding a plane. Here's our breakdown of the "Intake Cycle."

Brand Introduction: Clients encounter your center through various channels, such as Organic SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, or traditional platforms like TV and Radio, establishing initial brand awareness.


Information Search and Contact with Your Center

Information Search: Typically occurring during the initial interaction with the brand, potential clients seek details about your center - its appearance and activities. If these specifics aren't readily available on your site, it's essential to include them.

Informational Contact: Once comfortable with the center, prospects reach out via calls, forms, or chats, providing insurance information and seeking answers to ensure compatibility.

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Keys to Enhancing Treatment Center Leads

Consumer Validation: Reviews play a pivotal role. Much like how we scrutinize hotel reviews before booking, the same is true for addiction treatment. A strong online reputation significantly impacts lead conversion. If your center lacks a positive online presence, especially on platforms like Google, it might explain a drop in leads. Consider exploring our reputation management service for support.

Intake Process: This phase involves several steps, mainly centered around travel planning and negotiating Out-of-Pocket (OOP) and Deductible (DED) amounts. Excelling in this phase often results in a successful client acquisition.


How to Connect Through the Cycle

Lead generation within the addiction realm has transcended mere inexpensive phone call acquisitions. It's now centered on establishing a trustworthy brand presence. Achieving this involves constant engagement with potential clients at every phase. This engagement entails effective brand introduction (via SEO, PPC, Social, TV, and Radio) and retargeting individuals who visit the site but don't immediately convert. Retargeting operates on multiple levels, ensuring your brand remains prominent in their consideration, even as they explore other centers (on average, clients consult with 3.4 centers before deciding).


Partnering with a seasoned marketing agency well-versed in addiction space lead generation proves invaluable at this crucial juncture.

Lead Generation Packages

Opting for phone call payments tends to result in a higher CPA (Cost Per Admit) compared to more comprehensive marketing services. Our lead generation packages, provided by Prosperity, leverage targeted online and offline marketing strategies to maximize call volumes and intakes.

Our monthly marketing service doesn't limit the number of calls your center receives but instead caps our investment at the budget you allocate. We allocate this budget based on the most effective strategies observed across our client base. This encompassing approach encompasses paid search, local SEO across our owned websites, display advertising, billboard placements, television, and radio promotions.

Branding vs. Buying: The Superior Impact of Tailored Lead Generation


How is This Better Than Buying Calls?


The key difference lies in branding. When purchasing phone calls, the sources tend to be generic, resulting in nondescript ads generating these calls—generic messages like "A place for help. Call now for details." Conversely, our Lead Generation Package crafts a tailored addiction marketing plan exclusively for your center. Picture this: "At ABC Recovery, we offer California's most extensive one-on-one counseling sessions." This approach instills confidence in callers and is a rarity in the field. Moreover, it correlates with increased traction across various channels such as Organic, Paid Search, and Social Media.

Furthermore, our method reduces "noise" in the caller pool. As the commercials and online ads are center-specific, we can specify that you exclusively accept PPO insurance and decline Medicare/Medicaid. This approach garners fewer calls, yet the ones received are of notably higher quality.

Navigating Variables in Lead Generation Success


The outcomes of our lead generation service vary depending on the center receiving the calls. Factors like an effective sales process, insurance acceptance policies, and handling deductibles and out-of-pocket costs influence the results. On average, our service yields a cost per intake ranging between $3,000 and $6,000. For instance, with a $60,000 investment, you might witness 10-20 intakes. The ultimate yield depends on your team's ability to convert these calls effectively.

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