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Google Ads with LegitScript


Addiction Treatment Certification and Google Ads

Whether you've completed the LegitScript certification, are currently undergoing it, or are contemplating the process, it's crucial to recognize the significant changes in advertising on Google post LegitScript.

Previous strategies that once worked on Google may now be restricted or disallowed due to the shift in policies aimed at eliminating unethical or misleading advertising practices in the substance abuse realm.

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The Benefits of Advertising on Google

With the full enforcement of this new certification policy, the cost of ads has reduced notably. This is because several companies are either banned from Google or opt out due to the stringent certification process. Meeting LegitScript's stringent criteria isn't a simple or inexpensive task.

Google Ads serve as an excellent marketing tool for treatment centers. They allow for targeted local or nationwide advertising, enabling you to reach patients who align with your unique services. Moreover, you can start with a modest budget and pay solely for the outcomes you achieve.


Why You Can Rely on Prosperity for Your Google Ads?

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Our Expert Approach to Google Ads for Treatment Centers

We specialize solely in Google Ads for treatment centers—a niche focus you need in a partner. This specialization ensures expertise and outstanding outcomes.

Your budget is handled meticulously, as if it were ours. Paying for ads only on clicks means targeting your budget to the right audience.

Crafting keyword lists, numerous ads, and setting budgets might seem overwhelming, but we provide individualized attention to kick-start your journey when you join forces with us. PPC offers quick results but demands time for substantial volume. Though instant results are tempting, we advocate for a more measured approach. Slowly building campaigns yields better outcomes. While many treatment centers seek rapid occupancy, achieving this often takes several months.

Understanding the Unique Demands of Drug Rehab Marketing

Navigating the stringent rules and policies governing drug rehab advertising is our forte. Most PPC firms overlook the critical significance of adhering to strict regulations. Violating these rules can result in severe penalties.

For instance, due to privacy laws, drug rehabs cannot remarket to past site visitors—it breaches trust. Unfortunately, this practice is rampant in the industry.


Trust Our Proven PPC Expertise

If you're considering a pay-per-click campaign, we're here to guide you. Our strategy targets your unique audience, selecting keywords that attract the most suitable patients. This approach generates quality leads that boost your facility's occupancy.

Competing against mammoth companies with colossal budgets isn't simple. We specialize in creating the right ads, landing pages, and keywords to expand your client base. Reach out to us, and we'll swiftly begin setting up your Google Ads.


Online Advertising for Drug Treatment Centers

With LegitScript certification, Google Ads permit advertising for drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers.


Google suspended ads related to addiction terms in 2017 but has recently reinstated them, subject to a stringent certification process through LegitScript.


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