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The Power of Targeted Display Strategies

Display advertising has undergone a significant transformation. Previously, it relied on casting a wide, general net for marketing efforts. Initially effective, this approach has encountered challenges due to the prevalence of ad blockers and the fatigue people experience from generic, untargeted ads.

Enhancing Your Reach with Precision Targeting

Our Event Based Display solution counters these issues by positioning your center in front of individuals actively seeking recovery, without relying on Google Adwords. This specialized display approach concentrates our efforts and your budget on individuals displaying an interest in recovery.


It harnesses Search Retargeting, targeting individuals outside Google who search for recovery-related terms, and Site Retargeting, focusing on people who have previously visited your website. This targeted advertising elevates click-through rates, boosts traffic, and proves more cost-effective than Google Adwords.


Simplified Advanced Digital

Our seasoned operations team utilizes advanced capabilities in programmatic display buying, surpassing the fundamentals to align your campaign with your objectives. Consolidating all display tactics within a single platform enhances campaign insights and audience understanding, while curtailing redundant targeting unless an action signals heightened interest.

Search Retargeting

In the Addiction industry, Search Retargeting stands as a core tactic, enabling us to reach searchers more effectively using industry-leading keyword-level targeting.


This method blends the effectiveness of search with the expansive reach and brand impact of display, capitalizing on captured intent data to target individuals across the web based on their searches.

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Site Retargeting

Site retargeting represents highly focused display advertising. It allocates the budget toward individuals who have previously visited your site(s), tailored to the specific pages they browsed.


Given their familiarity, the creative content aligns closely with their browsing history.


Our display advertising pricing operates on a maximum CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis. The minimum investment in site retargeting is $7,500/month. To include search retargeting, an additional minimum cost of $2,000 is required.

We furnish comprehensive reports encompassing impressions, clicks, and calls from our activities (integration with Callrail required), ensuring transparency regarding the value delivered. For further insights into how we can drive targeted traffic to your website, feel free to reach out. We're delighted to delve deeper into this during a conference call.

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