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Call Center Consulting for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Discover why even thriving treatment centers turn to Prosperity for call center consulting. Uncover the value of optimizing admissions and integrating technology for seamless operations.

Unlocking Growth Potential: Comprehensive Service Review for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers


When a drug and alcohol treatment center approaches Prosperity for a Call Center Consulting Service Review, it's often during a downturn in their census. Surprisingly, even when their census is at a strong 80% or better, many centers seek our expertise. Why reach out when things are going well? The answer is simple: the value of an additional admission or a 10%-25% increase in admits is substantial. It's about maximizing potential.

Our comprehensive review of a drug rehab call center consistently uncovers surprising aspects. While some expect the need for additional sales training for call center reps, the reality often surpasses this assumption. Yes, sales training is part of what we offer, but effective substance abuse admissions go beyond just skilled salespeople. Technology integration is vital—seamless connectivity between telephone platforms and CRMs is crucial.

During our review, call listening is just one element. We delve into the admission process, frequently discovering that minor adjustments can lead to a notable surge in admissions. It's about optimizing every facet for success.


We compare the calls we review with the entries in your CRM. Is the information accurate? Are crucial details missing from their notes? Was the follow-up prompt and thorough? Are potential leads slipping through the cracks? Are call distributions in your CRM effective? Is your sales pipeline solid or just an illusion?

To conduct our assessment, we'll require access to your Call Management System and CRM. Prior to our analysis, we'll examine your website along with your competitors' sites and present a set of inquiries. It's essential for us to grasp your treatment center's offerings and how your call center representatives should present your services. Additionally, we'll review the resumes and compensation plans of your call center representatives and managers. Compensation and bonus structures can significantly impact outcomes, either positively or negatively.

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After reviewing your materials, our focus at Prosperity will involve carefully listening to past calls made by each of your representatives. Our aim is to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses. Are there specific objections they struggle with and others they excel at overcoming? Some reps might invest excessive time with unqualified leads, while others may not spend enough. We also assess their ability to turn underinsured prospects into cash-paying clients.


When it comes to Drug Treatment Centers, listening to calls entails more than just hearing them out. Here's what we listen for:

Call Review Checklist:

  • Adherence to approved scripts.

  • Consistent and timely follow-ups.

  • Ability to handle objections effectively.

  • Knowledge of competitors and their sales strategies.

  • Identification of individual CSR strengths and areas for improvement.

  • Adherence to procedures and potential streamlining opportunities.

  • Capability for upselling and cross-selling. Familiarity with FAQs or ability to recall them from memory.

  • Control over the conversation versus caller-led interactions. Highlighting unique selling points or differentiators.

  • Gathering insurance information tactfully.

  • Management of call hang-ups.

  • Addressing travel objections effectively.

  • Utilization of a save-the-sale procedure when necessary.

  • Promptness in answering calls and using call tracking information effectively. Work ethic evaluation: Are they dedicated, rushing through calls, or spending too long with unqualified prospects?

No Task is Too Big or Too Small


At Prosperity, we deeply understand the importance of acquiring new clients for your center, while valuing each individual seeking life-changing assistance. With over 50 years of combined recovery experience, our founders have placed family members in diverse treatment programs. We empathize with the addict, the parent, the sibling, and the significant other, comprehending their life situations. This empathy enriches our expertise.

Combining this understanding with decades of sales and call center management, we excel at our work. Our initial consultations with prospective substance abuse treatment centers seeking call center consulting services are always complimentary. We tailor proposals for each client based on their unique needs and timelines. Treatment center owners are pleasantly surprised by the depth of free advice provided during our initial discussions. Contact us today to explore if we're the right fit.

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