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Real Success Stories from Our Clients' Journeys

Dive into real success stories captured through chat conversations, showcasing the transformative impact of our services on individuals' paths to recovery.

If you are a drug treatment center, having a live chat option on your website is crucial. Here are a few examples of why.


Prosperity Hub Chat Success Stories:

Sober Home Chat:

An 18-year-old male initiated a chat, admitting meth usage after sharing details like name, phone number, location, insurance, substances abused, and his desired treatment timing. When I suggested setting up a pre-assessment call, he revealed he couldn't talk on the phone as it might risk expulsion from his sober living home if overheard discussing substance use. Without our Online Rehab Chat, he might have proceeded to another center found online. This chat led to a 90-day intake for the treatment center employing our services.

Starbucks Chat:

A young lady engaged in a chat, typing slowly, which our software tracked in real-time. Despite not hitting Submit or Enter, we could see her keystrokes. She was using a mobile device, which can slow down chats significantly. Around 15 minutes into the chat, I offered to call her, but she declined. She was at Starbucks using free wifi because she hadn't paid her phone bill. After gathering the necessary information, we provided her with our toll-free number and arranged an assessment call time. Without our Online Rehab Chat, she might have moved to another online center. This chat resulted in a 75-day intake for the treatment center using our chat service.

The Researcher:

A woman in her late 50s began a chat around 9 P.M., seeking answers to various questions. My approach with information seekers is to respond and then redirect to a call. After collecting essential details, I suggested my supervisor call her, explaining that her queries warranted a more comprehensive response. She agreed to a call but preferred it the next day while her husband was at work. She used the chat feature because she planned to finalize her rehab choice before discussing it with her husband, who was a heavy drinker. Had Online Rehab Chat not been available, she might have chosen another center online. She ended up in treatment for 45 days. During her stay, her husband also sought treatment arrangements for himself.

These scenarios illustrate the significance of Online Rehab Chat in securing successful intakes and aiding individuals in finding the right treatment center.

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